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LogRocket Sample Site

Session Recording


  • This site showcases the recording functionality of LogRocket.
  • Browse and interact with this site to generate an example of LogRocket session playback.
  • Experiment with the page below to see the activity showcased in LogRocket.
Done experimenting?


Text input appears in recordings:

Input content can be redacted:

Network Activity

Network activity is visible in the top pane of the developer tab.

Network requests can be filtered to protect sensitive information:

If you expand requests made with this button during playback, the "token" values in their bodies will be redacted.


Like inputs, images can be redacted.

In fact, anything can.

This text will be redacted as well.


LogRocket can record long-running sessions on single page apps, or apps with traditional navigation.

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Warnings and Errors

Logrocket captures warning and errors on your site. You can view them in the lower-right logs pane.


Logrocket has built in support for your state manager of choice. You can view mutations in the logs pane as well.

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